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Value Added Chain
Success as a whole –Reliability into the smallest detail

Volke Munich will support you in all phases of development – from the presentation of the first idea to supervision of serial production. From the initial sketch to the fully-developed concept, Volke supervises and guides core topics such as a management of requirements and interfaces, production planning and approval for successful production. Highest quality places a decisiveat all stages of the process.

The use of future-oriented technologies and system applications as well as living out of modern project management form the basis for realizing complex scopes of responsibility in the highest quality . Information security is of the highest priority to us. But also comfort and cost effectiveness are also important factors which we guarantee through the professionalism and quality of our company.


In collaboration with our customers we develop new ideas and concretize projects from the areas of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, energy technology and transportation technology as well as the aerospace industry.


Significant developments, which can be of great value, arise from ideas and requirements. We assess innovative proposals systematically and summarize them in words.


For the success of a product, careful planning of the development process is of utmost importance. We plan project development proposals and test ideas for their feasibility and cost efficiency and support you through the entire process through to the finished product.


We test the fulfilment of technical requirements in the product and product supporting processes. Even the daily practical application and operational readiness are tested by us under special conditions.

Serial Production Start-Up

From development into practice – we prepare the project for a successful production and provide support through serial production.

Serial Production Support

We continue to support products during serial production and are able to analyse any issues that occur and develop proposed solutions for our customers.


Volke Munich stands for quality, know-how and innovation. With the newest technologies and the extraordinary knowledge of our employees, we give confidence and support to our customers in the automobile industry in all processes of vehicle development.

Volke Munich has today over 450 employees, grows continuously and will develop step by step a new area of action for solving technical challenges.


Giving form to creative ideas…

Every product begins with an idea. Every design begins with a sketch.

We support our customers in the implementation of their creative ideas and give form to design. Our range of services extends from the design sketch to virtual or physical intermediate steps all the way to high-quality presentation models. We support our customers through the entire design process or supply high-value single components.

The needs of our customers have in any case priority and their satisfaction is our daily motivation.

Highest quality and competency with maximum flexibility, absolute deadline compliance and perfect project management. Capabilities that our customers really appreciate. In order to achieve this we utilize modern technologies combined with high vertical range of manufacturing and first of all our comprehensive longterm experience. Our physical and mechanotechnical plant allow us to meet all the requirements from the disciplines of design and model construction.

…we set the standards in design development and help your ideas become real.

Spectrum of Design Services

  • Clay modeling
  • Solid materials modeling
  • Computer Aided Styling (CAS)
  • Surface refinement
  • Modeling studios
  • CAS Studio
  • Detail studio
  • Milling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Prototype construction
  • Digitizing/surface reconstruction
  • Virtual presentation

Construction and Simulation

The department for construction and simulation offers our customers comprehensive construction and calculation services in the field of automotive engineering. Our spectrum covers the entire process chain form the first idea to a product ready for serial production. Customized to individual customer wishes and requirements, the individual components are developed from partial systems to entire vehicles as well as testing and production equipment.

While developing future-oriented technologies and the most modern software-tools, our experienced project teams secure economical and on-time solutions of the highest quality. From ideas and requirements we create high-grade 3D-constructions from the early concept phase to the surface and serial construction all the way to 3D-visualisation accompanied by functional optimization based on simulations.

Spectrum of Services Construction and Simulation

  • Structural and mechanical serial production development of interior components
  • High-end-visualization of vehicle interiors and exteriors
  • Construction of entire virtual function cubing models
  • Constructions in the range of testing technology for drives, chassis and body
  • Equipment construction and jig manufacturing
  • Construction supporting processes: Package and DMU, construction of complex kinematics, visual and mirror inspections, collisions inspections
  • Interface and supplier management
  • Rigidity, stability and operational lifespan simulation
  • Vibration tests and optimization
  • Acoustics and noise propagation
  • CFD-whole vehicle inspections (flow coefficients, engine-compartment flow-through)
  • Thermal CFD-simulation whole vehicle (heat exchanger processes for the coolant module, all components, exhaust plant)
  • System simulation for concept tests
  • MKS-manoeuver simulation, proper vibrations
  • Lateral, transverse and vertical dynamics
  • Simulation body drying process, hardening of structural adhesives

Information Technology

Our IT-Department is a reliable partner for successful design of demanding and innovative software projects.

We offer our customers individual and competent support through the entire Application Life Cycle from planning to drafting to operation. Our highly motivated specialists offer both the processes according to the ITPM as well as according to Agile Methods. Thus, we make sure that all of the quality demands of our customers with different types of projects are always optimally fulfilled.

We have many years of experience in the field of automotive-engineering, especially in the fields of test/¬mass data management and man-machine-interaction. We have completed numerous future-oriented projects with multi-layer client/server-applications, database supported web applications with embedded systems for our customers.

Spectrum of Services Information Technology

  • Project direction / project management
  • Requirement engineering
  • Software conception / Architecture
  • Implementation (especially C/C++, J2EE, .NET, JavaScript, Oracle PL/SQL)
  • Testing
  • Build Management
  • Support
  • Maintenance

Development and Testing

Volke Munich is a specialist in vehicle development and vehicle testing. From the first concept to the complete vehicle trial, our specialists are at work and supervise that product creation process.

The individual steps in development are secured by simulation and testing. New technologies are reviewed and tested after the virtual feasibility study on sub-system test sites, test stands and prototype construction. Then the new functions are integrated into a trial vehicle and tested out. The implementation proceeds with respect to the project on the customer’s premises or in Volke’s own development facilities.

The realization of the desired vehicle properties requires specialized know-how of the entire process chain. In our facility, functionality, resilience and operational lifetime are checked and compliance with the limiting conditions assured. All steps from documentation of the results to evaluation are supervised or carried out by our employees.

Spectrum of Services Development and Testing

  • Concept drafting
  • Function development
  • Simulation
  • Component and system development
  • Prototypes, vehicle construction and modification
  • Trial / endurance test
  • Application
  • System verification
  • Acoustic development
  • Built-in components and installations for authority and special vehicles

Quality and Process Management

A effective quality management is the best precondition for fulfilling the wishes of our customers. It is precisely in times of constantly changing market conditions and customer needs that one has to set one’s self apart from competitors.

In collaboration with our customers, we develop new methods and processes that span multiple departments (e.g. development, production, purchasing, etc.), which are assumed in various roles in our process organization and/or in the business processes.

In project management, we initiate, plan and manage the individual projects, assume responsibility for or support the achievement of project goals through the use of modern project management methods.

Spectrum of Services Quality and Process Management

Quality Management
  • Preventative Quality
  • Operative Quality
  • Supplier Quality
Process Management
  • Identification of existing processes
  • Planning and development of new
  • Visualization of the process chain
Project management
  • Deadline management
  • Committee management
  • Interface management
  • Project controlling
  • Project review