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Volke as an Employer
Starting at the Highest Level

Soundness, know-how and fascination! These three words concisely summarize Volke’s self-understanding. Since its founding in 1968, Volke has been continuously growing and has developed into a stable partner for the automotive industry.

Our goal as an employer is the constant expansion of competence and know-how. The topics which we deal with are complex and multi-faceted. With enduring motivation for action and short communications pathways, we are able to develop solutions with complex technical content to productive solutions.

For the realization of our demanding projects, we are permanently searching for committed and qualified employees who are just as fascinated by technological progress and the automobile of tomorrow as we are.


Individualised Job Training Programmes

Finding one’s way around in a new job is not so easy at first. In order to make the start in our company easier, each new employee is given an individualized job training plan. It guides the employee in the first phase and helps him or her to quickly get up to speed on tasks, internal processes and procedures.

In the framework of multi-departmental introductory events, new employees get to know colleagues from other departments and start to build their own networks. Through systematic training on the job, new employees get a personalized introduction to the project landscape. This method has proven itself in the past as the most effective and successful way. All project related activity is supported by colleagues and management as well as by qualifying training events.

Career/Development Opportunities/Continuing Training

For an innovation-oriented company such as Volke, continuous professional and personal development of our employees and management is an important contribution to ensure our long-term competitiveness.

Only someone who knows where he´s knows what to do for the next step. For that reason our management personnel take time in feedback discussions to clarify with their employees where their strengths, weaknesses and potential for development lie. In the annual employee review, the work performed is evaluated in conversation with the superior, and the goals and measures for continued development are defined. These can include training on-or off the job, seminars and classes, but also the acceptance of new areas of responsibility.

Corporate Culture

New developments need people who think without boundaries and work together to advance the right ideas. This only works with clear structures, levelled hierarchies and in constant dialogue.

And this is why we highly value…

Personal responsibility

Skilled, engaged and personally responsible employees build the foundation of our success. The way we treat each other here is characterized by respect and trust.

Sustainable Quality

With extraordinary quality, best service and competitive prices we secure satisfied customers.


We maintain sustainable, legally correct and mutually trusting relationships with our customers and partners.


We conserve the environment through conscientious use of resources and avoiding harmful effects on the environment.


Through high skill and constantly increasing know-how of our employees, we constantly open up new fields of activity in an innovative environment.

Management Culture

The dedication of our employees, their personal and professional knowledge and their special skills are our most important capital. They shape Volke and our image with customers and business partners. For that reason mutual trust, an open management and communication style form the basis for effective collaboration.

We make our decide, based on practical experience, which skills and what knowledge are important today and will be in the future, promote the professional development of our employees and thus secure our own competitiveness.


Retirement Provision

Volke offers its employees the state-subsidized professional pension provision (bAV). Some advantages can be attained through conversion of compensation. Along with the savings on taxes and social benefits contributions, the amounts can be flexibly adapted to your personal situation (part time, parental leave, etc.).

Contributions to Capital Formation

Are you providing for your future through a building savings plan or subsidized private pension (so-called “Riester” pension)? Volke will support you in this and pay contributions to capital formation directly to your state-subsidized investment account.

Childcare Allowance

It is rarely easy to balance career and family. Volke supports beginners during or after their parental leave as needed with allowances for childcare.

Attractive Discounts and Special Terms

Volke employees can take advantage of special terms with well-known partners from various areas of business (e.g. Mini, Drive Now, Best Secret, OBI, Radlbaur, etc.)

Special Holidays

Your child will be born soon, you’re moving into a new house or getting married? Take up to two days of time off for special occasions.

Health and Wellness

We value the health of our employees. For this reason we offer free influenza vaccinations and regular preventative check-ups with our company doctor.

Flexible Work Schedule

Flex-Time Models

The balance between work and private life is the deciding factor for life satisfaction and professional performance. The employees and the company both profit when it’s managed well. For that reason Volke considers it a key responsibility to look into the life stages and needs of its employees and offering appropriate solutions.

These include among other things different flex-time models such as reduction of working hours to part-time, starting during or after parental leave or if needed release time for care of family members or for continuing education.

Flex-time Programs

Flexibility in working hours has become an indispensable part of today’s working world. It’s not just employers who are demanding flexibility from their employees, dedication and greater motivation, the employees also would like more freedom in arranging their working hours in order to be able to better balance work and family.

Along with the contractually agreed upon 35h/week, Volke offers its employees flexible scheduling of working hours (flex-time program). Within a prescribed range from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, hour employees have the option of arranging their working hours as they wish and adapting them to their personal needs. Transparent systems provide an overview of the flex-time and holiday time accounts. Whether overtime will be taken in the form of free time or overtime pay is up to the employee.

Personnel Team

If you need additional information or would like to learn about opportunities to start with our company, please contact our team in the Human Resources Department.

Nicole Röhl
HR Management

Annett Mehnert
Personnel Officer

Zacharias Klier
HR Assistant

Rebekka Pröll
Personnel Officer

Entry-Level Opportunities

Volke offers the best perspectives, exciting challenges and a variety of opportunities for advancement for a successful future.

Use the chance for a career in an innovation-oriented company! If you bring enthusiasm, curiosity and readiness to work in a team with you, we can offer you multi-faceted and attractive opportunities for work and development. Learn here about your personal entry level opportunities and career chances.

School Students and Apprenticeships

Student Practicum

To aid you in choosing a career, Volke offers apprenticeships in two areas for students who have just completed school with the careers of business clerk, office communication and motor vehicle mechatronic technician in the framework of a one-week student practicum.

During the practicum you will be supervised by the employee trainer and will get your first glance into the “working world”. The student practicum can be completed as program arranged by your school or independently during holiday. We look forward to seeing your application, which should state your desired period as well as the professional area. Send it to...

Apprenticeship with Volke

You already have your school certificate in your files and you want to start in the exciting field of the automotive industry? Volke offers apprenticeships for students who have just completed school in two areas of professional apprenticeship:

Office Communications Clerk (1–3 openings)

Administrative clerks for office communications take on secretarial duties and common administrative tasks. They coordinate deadlines, prepare interviews and handle written correspondence Additionally they handle commercial tasks in many areas of administration.

  • The apprenticeship lasts 3 years
  • If the candidate is a good fit and has excellent grades, the time required for the apprenticeship can be shortened.
  • The apprenticeship starts every year on the 09.01.
Motor Vehicle-Mechatronic Technician (automobile engineering)
(1–3 openings)

Motor vehicle mechatronic technicians (focusing on automobile engineering) maintain motor vehicles that are used to transport at most nine persons. They test the vehicle’s technical systems, carry out repairs and equip the vehicles with optional equipment, special packages and accessories.

  • The apprenticeship lasts 3.5 years
  • If the candidate is a good fit and has excellent grades the apprenticeship can be shortened.
  • Each year the apprenticeship begins on 09.01

University Studies and Practicums

Final Theses

Are you in the home stretch and want to complete your studies with a final thesis? We offer interesting projects at various departments. In close collaboration with your supervisor, you can set the topic of your final thesis and work it our directly in a project group. We look forward to your application with the starting date and the topic of your work. We always welcome your own suggestions for a topic.


Get your practical experience with us. We offer the chance to get valuable insight into the everyday work of a project engineer. You will be integrated into our processes from the very first day where you will be working at concrete projects and profit form the experience of our engineers and experts. Ideally the practicum should last for 3-6 months. We look forward to your application which should state your desired timeframe and the topic at least three months before the start of the proposed practicum.

Working Students

Would you like to put your theoretical knowlege into practice? During the semester or during university breaks you have the opportunity to collaborate in one of our project teams as a working student and gain valuable practical experience. You will get to experience the project business “up close and in-person”, become familiar with the key concepts and demands of your future job and set the right course for your future professional development. We look forward to your application!


Each career is unique – we offer you unique opportunities to live out your spirit of discovery!

You have finished your university studies? With a direct entry you can get from the starting line right into the thick of the exciting field of the automotive industry and your first independent projects and assignments, depending on your educational background and experience.

In the framework of an extensive introductory program you will get to know new colleagues from other departments and so establish your own network. Regular performance reviews will reflect on your job performance and support you in further expanding your professional and personal strengths in the sense of your ongoing professional development.

Take the next step and apply using our on-line portal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Experienced Professionals

Every career is unique– we offer unique opportunities to live out your spirit of discovery!

Have you already established yourself in your career after your university studies or apprenticeship and find yourself now looking for a new challenge? As an expert in your field you can apply and expand your knowledge starting on the first day. You will get direct insight into the topics, interfaces and areas of work and can build up your professional network as well as take on individual responsibility.

We have a large number of exciting position, whether in the technical or management level. You will have all kinds of opportunities to bring your ideas to fruition and live out your spirit of discovery. With our spectrum of services, we offer you an environment in which you can optimally apply your professional experiences and skills or develop new areas of technical competency. Years of stable customer relationships, technical know-how and a challenging project landscape in an innovative development environment are ideal preconditions for a long-term and varied perspective on you individual career.

Regular performance reviews will reflect on your job performance and support you in further developing your professional and personal strengths in the sense of your ongoing professional development.

Take the next step and apply using our online-portal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Job Advertisements

We are quite pleased that you would like to start or continue your career with Volke. Discover our current job advertisements on this page and apply.

Don’t see the right position for you? No worries! We also welcome unsolicited applications.

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Should you have interest in business management, we recommend that you contact PPP-Personal-Consulting concerning currently open positions:


Application Process

With your application you have taken the first important step in your professional future. But what happens to your application after you have sent it?

After we receive the application, there is an initial review by the Human Resources Department, and there may be a telephone interview in advance. Then we digitally forward your profile to the responsible department for additional review. If your documents convince us to continue, we will invite you for a personal interview so that we can get an impression of your personality, skills and qualifications achieved to date.

In order to carefully review every application, we sometimes need a bit more time. Nevertheless it remains our goal to respond to you within four weeks.


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Application Tips

Cover letter

A good cover letter is the first step in the right direction. Make sure that your cover letter is no longer than around one DIN A4 page. Constantly maintain a focus on the position for which you are applying and describe your personal motivation in applying for this position. We should be able to tell from a good cover letter just why your are interested in our company, whether we would like to get better acquainted with in you in the first step and learn why you are the right candidate for us. Information about your salary expectations and your earliest possible start date round out the first part of your application.


The résumé should provide an overview of your previous professional and/or academic stations. Generally, the following sequence is used in a résumé: Personal data, educational background with main fields of study and grades, professional history. Variations are allowed, of course, but the important thing is that a résumé have a clear structure. You can also integrate links and cross-references, for example to your Xing- or LinkedIn-profile.

Of course you should mention all important stations in your life. Nevertheless it would be advantageous to crystalize the especially interesting points in your résumé. Don’t just list the practicums you completed or your major fields of study. Describe what assignments you completed there and discuss them in more detail. Connect your strengths or skills with the requiremetns for the position and you will be headed in the right direction in making your résumé interesting.

Grade Transcripts, Certificates and References

It’s best to arrange the transcripts relevant to the position in the sequence transcripts from school, apprenticeship, practicum and then work reports. To the extent that you mention additional qualifications in your résumé, it is always beneficial that you be able to present a certificate for them.

Application Photo

The application photo is not required but it can be helpful in making a first impression. You have the option of integrating the application photo into your résumé as well as attaching it as a separate file in your application.

Why apply online

The online application helps both the applicant and us. You can see at a glance which information and data we would like to have and make sure that as little as possible is missing. The online application makes it possible for use to process your application quickly and easily and is therefore to your advantage. But please do show the proper care and attention to detail in the online application making sure to attach complete documents.


The main point of an interview is that we get to know you better and you affirm the good first impression from your application. It is not required that you go into detail about every point of your résumé. Concentrate on the experiences and situations that you think would likely be most important to us. Your expectations of us are also especially important. What have you done to date, what did you especially like and in what direction do you want to go with Volke? A pleasant atmosphere for our discussion is important to us. Don’t be surprised by intervening questions or by a bit of digging on our part. For your part you can also ask us questions at any time if anything is unclear to you!

After the Interview

Since we are very interested in long-term relationships, it is important to us that you have the opportunity to think it over directly after the interview. You have gotten to know a colleague in the department and employees in the human resources a bit better, learned more about Volke as a company and our location in Munich and may even have gotten your first project descriptions or descriptions of possible assignments. Sleep on it for a night or two, mull over the interview a bit and then send us your feedback in writing or by phone.

To the extent that the feedback on both sides is positive, a further, second interview will follow, as a rule.

Query: Preliminary Result

You are welcome to ask us about the current status of your application and we will be glad to provide you the best possible information about it.

Interested in several announcements?

If you find multiple job postings that interest you on our Career Page, you can of course submit applications responding to multiple announcements. In your cover letter, just identify all positions for which you would like to apply with their reference numbers. Whether in an online application or in an e-mail application, we can then enter it in our system manually and your applications will be forwarded to all relevant departments.